Cultural resource management in the United States often requires basic awareness and some knowledge of indigenous populations. Understand who they are, their differences, and where they are today. Learn some basic history on Native America and examine the legacy of treaties, Indian law, and the unique legal standing of tribes. Consider how stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and the media affect actions and become informed in ways that respect native cultural heritage. Explore how preserving history and culture can be integrated into projects that affect Native American cultural interests.


  • Who are the indigenous populations in the United States
  • What are their differences
  • Where are they today
  • Most people have no idea what tribes went through—some basic history will help
  • Treaties and other legal agreements
  • Indian law and legal terms
  • Stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and media
  • Words, phrases, and other things to avoid in general
  • Preserving history and culture in the 21st century

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    • Native America 101: Chapter 5

    • Native America 101: Chapter 6

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Eric Hemenway

Eric Hemenway, repatriation specialist and former NAGPRA Review Committee member, Anishinaabe, worked on numerous NAGPRA repatriation and disposition claims, coordination of repatriation involving multiple tribes, and reburials, managed NAGPRA grants, and consulted with museums across the country on appropriate care of NAGPRA materials
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Preserving Native American History with Eric Hemenway is part of NPI's Preservation Profiles podcast series


This training is suitable for

  • Members, staff, and other practitioners of cultural resource conservation from Indian tribes

  • Alaska Native villages, Native Hawaiian organizations, indigenous communities

  • THPOs, SHPOs, government agencies, museums, and preservation and environmental contractors

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